Hairline Replacement

Hairline Replacement Dublin, Ireland

Years of experience with hair has taught us how to give our customers what they want when it comes to hairline replacement. We make use of our artistic technique to create realistic and totally undetectable hairlines.

Hair most times grows in groups of more than one hair follicle. These groups are known as grafts and inform how realistic a hairline looks. We use or precision to replicate this pattern after studying yours to get the best results. Here are some great hairline options that we can reproduce with scalp micropigmentation.

Hairline Replacement Dublin, Ireland​

The Widow's Peak

This is when the hairline comes together in a V shape at the centre of the head. It is higher on the sides and has a lower point in the middle of the forehead. To get it perfectly, extreme care must come from expert hands like ours.

The Defined

With the defined hairline, more pigment is added to the parameter of the client’s hairline. Don’t worry; it will still look realistic and natural as long as it’s performed correctly.

Adding Real Scars

Clients sometimes request scars along with their hairline procedure. The reason is that they might already have a scar that they are trying not to erase. We could also leave this scar untouched to make your new hairline looking even more realistic. 

The Receded Rounded Temples

This is an excellent idea for older clients who want their hairline to look very realistic. The corners of this are rounded at the temples, and the side profiles are a bit backward.

The Jagged or Broken

This is another natural hairline that people request. It is natural, soft and complements any hair remaining. It won’t draw undue attention by sticking out.

The Random Scatter

In this hairline, no harsh lines or symmetry is used. Irregular points of pigments are used to create a natural hairline. It’s perfect for people who want to look and age gracefully. A receded shape is sometimes adopted with this hairline too.

SMP and Hair Transplant Combined

Combining SMP with your hair transplant creates a better hairline. SMP can successfully cover any gaps left between the transplanted hair grafts for the perfect finish. You’ll get a fuller look that is not patchy.

The Skin Fade

In this hairline, you can have slightly longer hair. Your hairline will be positioned lower than that for a great looking skin fade. It’s a very youthful and stylish look.

The Grey Hair Buzz Cut

This look leaves your hair at one grade length and uses an excellent colour pigment to fill out what is left. We can use it to achieve the ultimate salt and pepper look while keeping a natural hairline.

The Shaven Grey Hair

As above, clients can also keep their grey hair instead of having to shave everything. A darker pigment is used with this to create a natural-looking hairline that they love.

The Male Pattern Baldness

Depending on your age, you can prefer to look like your hairline is showing early signs of male pattern baldness. So, a thinning pattern is used to create a very natural effect that is indistinguishable.

The Alopecia Camouflage

This hair loss pattern can be very esteem destroying. SMP can, however, be used to camouflage by strengthening the hairline. This provides a realistic look.

The Cut Out

A cut out adds a great design to your hairline. It looks like it was done on purpose by your barber. It works best with a more defined hairline. It can, however, still be left with a more relaxed and natural hairline.

The Seamless Blend

In this hairline style, the SMP is naturally integrated into your remaining hair. This is done in such a way that even under bright lights, one cannot tell where the natural hair and SMP meet.

To get started on your hairline, reach out to us for a consultation.

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