Medical Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course

Thinking about new carrier?

Great!!! We do have a fantastic Scalp Micropigmentation Course for You in Dublin and Cork!

Duration: 3 DAYS

At Skinnovate™, we offer expert in-person medical scalp micropigmentation training course that include theoretical and hands-on learning. Our Scalp Micropigmentation training gives students all the skills they need to set-up their own scalp micropigmentation clinic.

Scalp Micropigmentation Course​

What will you learn in our Medical Scalp Micropigmentation Course?

  • Introduction to Medical Scalp Micropigmentation ( SMP )
  • Workplace hygiene and sanitation
  • Client consultation
  • Choosing the right pigment
  • Practice how to do pattern on fake skin
  • Skin problems
  • Pre procedures
  • Consent Agreements
  • Health issues
  • Recovery process
  • Skin-pigment retention
  • Proper methods for SMP
  • Right depth of cuts when SMP
  • How to correct mistakes
  • Practicing patterns on practice materials
  • How to properly stretch skin
  • Correct posture and client positioning
  • Mapping
  • Introduction to the Ecuri Derma Medical
  • Technique for quickly mapping hairlines
  • Practice SMP on live models

Skinnovate™ Certificate of Completion

Scalp Micropigmentation Training
Scalp Micropigmentation Course Dublin Cork
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