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International Medical Scalp Micropigmentation Master

Hair has been the ultimate passion of our CEO, Karol Jakubowski, for a very long time. He’s an award-winning hair prodigy who started at the tender age of 14. He’s worked with hair internationally and even has his work featured in Vogue. He’s an exemplary talent in the hair industry.

It is this same talent that has led him to become an International Medical Scalp Micropigmentation Master. So, he ensures that we work with the best scalp micropigmentation products using the latest trends. That’s how he has created a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to hair loss treatment. He is also a non-invasive hair replacement specialist.

International Medical Scalp Micropigmentation Master

You, Our Passion

Our entire team is committed to helping individuals suffering from hair loss. No matter your prognosis, we are ready to work towards a solution that works effectively. Hair loss affects confidence levels and causes low self-esteem. We are committed to eradicating that. You deserve to look and feel like your absolute best.

Here, we pour our talents into every single client we work with. We see this as a chance to restore your true self with our arts. We understand how much of an emotional issue hair loss can be from experience. We see what you’re going through and have made a commitment to fix it. Every of our hair loss treatment plans is geared towards resolving your hair loss issue.

What We Offer

When you choose to start this journey with us, you get more than just a hair loss solution. It’s a quality-packed experience you’ll remember for a long time. From the consultation to the actual process, we offer top-notch service and care. Here are some of the perks that everyone who works with us gets:

  • Qualified sets of eyes
  • Experienced and passionate hands
  • Recognized expert opinions
  • Trusted personnel with your best interests at heart

Your Results

Driven by a passion for making lives better, the results you get from us are life-changing. They’ll restore your confidence, youth and bring a change to how you look. They’ll also change how you get to see yourself. Our passion and authenticity are unmatched.

Here, we believe in our clients. It is more than just a procedure for us, and that’s what sets us apart in this industry. We’ve been working with hair for over 26 years and know how vital it is. So, every treatment reflects our passion for making your life better and giving you the best results. We want to be why you look in the mirror for the first time and feel more confident immediately. A changed and rejuvenated you is our goal. It is what inspires us to give you results that you’ll cherish.

Quality and Effective Hair Loss Treatments

Quality and effective results are our watchwords. With us, you’ll get the expertise and experience needed to make hair loss a thing of the past. We belong to the master group when it comes to hair loss treatments. Whether it’s scalp micropigmentationhairline reconstruction or concealing the scars of a hair transplant, we’ve got you covered. Our international experience means that we have vast knowledge on how to approach a wide range of situations.

We are fully aware of how gruelling your journey has been up until this moment. So, we work personally with each client and dedicate the time they need to them. We make sure that our clients get 100% satisfaction from working with us. When you choose us, you are assured:

  • Treatment by an international hair replacement specialist. You get the best.
  • The use of our safe pigments
  • State of the art equipment with the latest methods
  • The most natural-looking hair loss solutions anywhere
  • Effective concealment of scars, especially hair transplant scars
  • The highest standard of hair treatment care anywhere in the world

Request A Consultation

Starting the journey to solve a hair loss problem is no joke. You must only undertake it after you are adequately informed of your options. That’s why we provide our clients with our complete and honest opinions at all times. We give you the information that you need to make an informed decision. It will help you to determine whether to start a particular treatment or not.

So, if you have any further questions, feel free to request a consultation. It is completely free and non-binding. We will then provide you with advice specific to your situation. We’ll also answer any particular questions you might have. All you have to do is reach out; we can also carry out consultations online, so feel free to book a consultation so we can get started. 

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